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Kentucky Changers: A Mission Project Helping Communities Across the State

				                                Luke Geile from First Baptist Church in Richmond is one of the participants for Kentucky Changers this year.
                                 Submitted by Joe Ball

Kentucky Changers have been hard at work in Maysville this week, rounding out their third and final project for the summer.

Alcoholic beverage regulatory fee repealed

				                                Maysville City Commissioners votes to repeal an alcoholic beverage regulatory fee at regular meeting on Thursday, July 11.
                                 Lauren Tatman/The Ledger Independent

Maysville City Commissions has repealed an alcohol set in place a few weeks ago.

City commission suggest to repeal alcohol tax

				                                Maysville City Commission listens to citizens express concerns about recently approved alcohol fee.
                                 Lauren Tatman/The Ledger Independent

Several community members shared concerns about a recently passed alcohol fee to Maysville City Commissions, leading to the decision to possibly repeal the ordinance.

Day 49: Augustus E. Willson

The 36th governor of Kentucky was born in Maysville.

Commission raises occupational tax

The City of Maysville recently approved an increase to the occupational license tax.